just do whatever u wanna do, as long as it is not wrong from the syarak (this is just from the point of my view)
  • working ladies/wife = why not? we're generating the family income, helping the husband. plus promoting the good deed if we're working while spreading the dakwah to other people. how? cover up our aurat, put the borderline between the male co-worker, put Allah s.w.t. right first such as: solat. the busier we were, the healthier we become..

  • having babies = yes, do have. try ur best to have them. NEVER measure ur current situation & doubt whether to have kids now @ later. for not believing the sustenance from Allah..ouch..syirik..believe it. i've been there. my baby is alive now, still..even i'm not gaining enough to raise her, & my husband didn't make so much to feed us all..but we still manage to live breathing up to now..Alhamdulillah.

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