Down memory lane: take care of yourself, because i care

"take care of yourself, because I care"

so sweet isn't it?
imagine receiving this hand-written on a greeting card,
pictured of a cute teddy..
comes together with a stalk of pinkish edge white roses..
all together with a pack of vochelle almond chocolate..

a senior student comes knocking on the classroom door
we're having an english class back then
sir eng boon huat, so sporting, so understanding
allowing the senior entered our classroom..

she's calling out the names of my classmates..
most of them received roses, apples, candys..
it's the PTE loving day..
the day to spread out love, admires, and wishes..
so-so sweet

feeling quite unlucky,
since my name is not being called..
oh, nobody admire me...hahaha

few minutes later,
she came back, knocking on the door
sir boon once again let her in..smiling..
she called up my named!

my heart just shocked
my knee was shivering..hahaha...
i cant feel my face
no blood is coming up my upper body,
i suddenly turn white!

why my name?
who sent me request?
who admire me? oh my...hihihi

frankly i'm way too shy back then..hahaha
i couldn't stand up properly
luckily my desk was on the front
then she came to me, smiling...

ngee..she congratulate me, saying she's envy with me
while i'm just somewhat smiling
what will sir think of me?   (he actually congratulate me, hihihi)
what will my other classmate think of me?
who sent me those..hahaha

those request is rather differ than anyone else's
it's custom made..
was being told later that it was bought personally by him
the card, the roses, the chocolate
no wonder the senior envy me..hahaha

thank you for making me feel special back then..
so very special
you even wrote down 'princess'
right under a hand-drawn crown symbol
me? a princess to you?
how absurd..hahaha

what am i supposed to say?
how am i supposed to react?
back then, i was just form 1
& you was form 5

thank you very much for being a brother
for making me feeling so special

really i wish i did thank you better back then..
you did light up my junior years
those sweet memory i shall never forget
thank you for making me feel somewhat special,

i did search you all this time
i thought i can never 'see' you again, ever.
i did thought that you were dead..hahaha sorry...

sometimes i do wonders,
why didn't you ever search me out?
have you forgotten about me?
then i just make myself realized,
that i am just the flavor of your senior life..

still i didn't mind it at all..
then i learnt the feeling of longing
of appreciation & being someone special


i found out that you are still somewhere out there
i've found you..hahaha

you too had settled down
being blessed with a beautiful wife & a baby

me too..had being blessed with a good husband & a lovely daughter

i couldn't stop my tears from coming down..
sad? happy? frustrated?
i can never tell..hahaha
but what i do understand right now is
that my years of searching is over..
there you are..happily married & succesfull

my search is officially over.

sorry, i still need to wrote all this down,
this is my comfort way of settling down

really, your affection did made up my day,
or shall i say, it make up my life..

i can't thank you better, i wish to..
may Allah blessed you.

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